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Morris H. Ervin, Jr.
CNVC Certified Trainer from Ohio, United States

Morris H Ervin Jr. founder of Mansa Consulting is an educator, speaker, wellness consultant, and youth development professional with over 20 years experience pioneering  social and emotional mentoring programs, leadership seminars, mindfulness retreats and community engagement initiatives. 

As a Social Studies Teacher in the early 2000’s; Morris created and designed a new innovative African American History Course/Curriculum, challenged the public school system by implementing a unique style of teaching and learning in the classroom called Nonviolent Communication, and established a rigorous, relevant, and meaningful curriculum for an all male classroom in South Central Los Angeles dedicated to keeping young boys off the streets, out of gangs, and away from prisons.


NVC Library Resources with : Morris H. Ervin, Jr.

Unpack interpersonal, internalized, and institutional racism from the lens of NVC consciousness Hear and share personal stories and the impacts of racism, power, and privilege  Learn how to translate “hard to hear" messages into meaningful conversations  Expand and deepen the conversation of systemic and interpersonal racism