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CNVC Certified Trainer from California, United States

CNVC Certified Trainer from California, United States

Eric Huang, attended a NVC 9-day International Intensive Training(IIT) thinking he knew everything about NVC after reading 1/3 of the book and watching one Marshall video 3 times. By the end of the 9-day IIT he knew nothing. Eric is most passionate about group coaching, NVC pod & community formation, and networking of NVC resources for learning and growth.

For Eric, the key to NVC is accessing healing through the expression and discovery of authentic truth underneath with warm, sensitive accompaniment with empathy and resonance.

Eric is a Licensed Professional Civil Engineer in the State of California, earned an M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, has an MBA, and was worked in Silicon Valley in High Tech Marketing for 25 years on something called USB. Yes, that USB.  He became a Certified CVNC Trainer in 2022.  Eric’s learning, from all this learning is that Eric has a lot to learn. He cofounded NVCDayOne a monthly event to support candidates on their certification journey. Email nvcdayone@gmail.com to be informed about NVCDayOne events. You can reach Eric at coachericayso@gmail.com