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Lore Baur

CNVC Certified Trainer from Iowa City, Iowa, USA

CNVC Certified Trainer from Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Lore Baur is a Certified Trainer for the International Center for Nonviolent Communication and an NVC Academy team member. She holds a masters’ degree in science education from the University of Iowa and has taught public school since 1993. 

Lore spends her days learning and playing with middle school students, and is part of the implementation team for Restorative Practices in her school.  She organizes and offers NVC trainings to teachers, parents, and teens, as well as faith and service organizations in her local community.

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How do you repair a relationship when your words or actions unintentionally impact another in a negative way? And what keeps you from apologizing? Join Lore to explore – and answer – these questions and more!


CNVC Certified Trainer Lore Baur asks: "Have you ever seen something happen that made you feel uncomfortable and you didn't know what to do?" That's the "bystander effect:" a well-researched and commonly experienced phenomenon. Training can help you overcome it, enabling you to discern what to do and how to support others in ways that reduce trauma and increase safety.


CNVC Certified Trainer Lore Baur shares how, as a teacher, the classroom is a laboratory for learning NVC and incorporating the NVC consciousness into the classroom. Topics discussed include empathy, permission to educate, protective use of force, corrective action, choice & options and re-do.