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Frank Gaschler

CNVC Certified Trainer from Munich, Germany

CNVC Certified Trainer from Munich, Germany

I am a CNVC certified trainer and assessor in the certification process of the CNVC. 

My current passion revolves around the 4 life themes: To be welcome - without having to do anything for it, to have a space for which I can also stand up, to be held in trust instead of having to control, and be alive instead of fulfilling others' life dreams. 

My passion is to experiment with NVC outside the box, far away from the boundaries of words and language. Therefore I like to concentrate on intuition, empathic presence and body language. My social change project "Giraffe Dream" aims at introducing and spreading NVC in kindergartens and primary schools. This program has become the biggest social change project in this field.

I live with Gundi, my wife, near Munich, Germany.