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Annabel Lemétais

CNVC Certified Trainer from Barcelona, Spain

CNVC Certified Trainer from Barcelona, Spain

Annabel Lemétais is passionate about accompanying people towards developing a caring relationship with themselves and with others.  Annabel specialises in stress management and dreams of a world where every individual would speak and live NVC. 

She helps company leaders and their teams improve their communications skills, manage their stress, and create trust within the organisation. This  iimpacts business performance by nurturing genuine, caring, and sustainable relationships among people. 

She worked 15 years for a US company in global communication and marketing roles before certifying as a coach based on Gestalt psychology, certified in The Leadership Circle Profile™, as Neurolinguistic Programing Practitioner, Kundalini yoga teacher, Sat Nam Rasayan meditation practitioner and certified in Nonviolent Communication. 

Born in France, Annabel holds a Master’s degree in Management of Cultural Services and a BA in Communications from Edinburgh University, UK, and has been living in Spain for 20+ years.