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Julia Shen

CNVC Certified Trainer from Toronto, Canada

CNVC Certified Trainer from Toronto, Canada

Julia Shen is a certified Nonviolent Communication (NVC) trainer with a passion for nurturing authentic and compassionate connections. Since 2019, Julia has facilitated 130+ NVC workshops, co-created NVC events, and impacted 5,000+ learners.

With over a decade's experience in various operations roles in the technology field, Julia merges NVC's transformative power with her tech industry background, fueled by her commitment to bring empathy and authenticity to workplaces.

Julia's expertise spans various platforms, from in-person and online workshops to one-on-one coaching, her blog www.spaceforheart.com, YouTube channel 'Space For Heart,' and WeChat groups. She's a dedicated volunteer with NGOs like Mental Health Mutual-aid Hub Canada.

Born and raised in China, Julia has been living in the Greater Toronto Area for over two decades. Julia's unique cultural background helps her to connect with people from diverse origins, emphasizing shared human needs beneath their differences. She envisions a world where every individual recognizes our vital shared needs, such as safety, freedom, understanding, and belonging, contributing to humanity's survival. By living in NVC consciousness and sharing her learning, Julia takes daily steps toward this vision.