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Wes Taylor

(Former) CNVC Certified Trainer from Baltimore, Maryland, USA

(Former) CNVC Certified Trainer from Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Wes Taylor helped establish the Flagstaff Center for Compassionate Communication in 1998 to promote NVC in Northern Arizona and to support the larger NVC network. Since that time, Wes has been an independent consultant and trainer in public venues as well as in organizations of all sizes. He is currently applying NVC in his responsibility for cultivating a culture of compassion and accountability at Mercy Medical Center, a large inner-city hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Prior to his involvement with NVC, Wes spent 15 years offering counseling and psychotherapy in private practice, outpatient clinics and hospital settings, working with addictions, trauma survivors and other psychiatric issues. In 1995, Wes spent a year in Australia working with the South Pacific Private Hospital providing staff training, community education and direct clinical services to patients and their families.

Latest NVC Library Resources with Wes Taylor

Wes Taylor, former CNVC Certified Trainer, uses Ken Wilber’s work to explain the developmental evolution of consciousness,. He then connects Wilber’s stage development concepts to the development of Nonviolent Communication.


In this inspiring interview, Wes Taylor relays a story of how Nonviolent Communication is successfully used in law enforcement, and some of his challenges and joys in infusing Nonviolent Communication into a Maryland hospital culture.


In this vintage 1999 video, CNVC Certified Trainer, Wes Taylor leads a group of young people in a lively discussion on working with anger.