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Aya Caspi

CNVC Certified Trainer based in Oregon House, California.

CNVC Certified Trainer based in Oregon House, California.

Aya has dedicated herself to applying radical, uncompromising nonviolence in every small detail of life, starting with the ongoing laboratory of her family, including her three children. She continually grapples with the joys and challenges of being raised in Israel and finds deep meaning and hope in applying NVC to the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its effect on the regional community.

She works with individuals, families, groups, and organizations, responding to their issues and challenges with a depth of empathic understanding that is likely to take your breath away.

Aya has brought her unique blend of vision, practical clarity, utter innocence, and deep commitment to transformation to settings as varied as BayNVC Leadership program, schools, family and business coaching and mediation, couple counseling, and promoting Israeli-Palestinian dialogue.

She has been sharing Nonviolent Communication internationally over the past 14 years via online classes, workshops and in-person retreats. Since May 2021 she has been serving as an educational consultant to Warner Brothers, writing the learning goals for pre-school animation shows and offering feedback on scripts to help align them with the language and consciousness of Nonviolent Communication.

Watch a 13-minute film about Aya’s work at Ghidotti Highschool.