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Yi Liu

Liu Yi is the first certified trainer CNVC trainer in China (Mainland) who has been organizing NVC Chinese Net over the last 4 years. Proudly, NVC Chinese Net has established a solid curriculum of NVC studies for Chinese-speakers and a network of communities throughout China to experiment with a model of collaboration that can catalyze transformation both for individuals and the organization. The latter particularly fascinates her and inspires the understanding and practice of social-change work. Her life is enriched by both eastern wisdom such as Buddhism, Taoism and western spiritual practice such as Anthroposophy.

刘轶 中国大陆首位国际非暴力沟通中心认证培训师,NVC中文网的创始人。过去几年来,NVC中文网不断完善着给到中文学习者的非暴力沟通学习课纲,并且搭建着一个社群网络。特别让她感到振奋的是如何在社群实践中尝试合作的模式来催化个人和组织的蜕变,并且以此实践让社会更美好的工作。 她的生活受到来自东西方精神传承的滋养,特别是东方的佛法和道家,以及来自西方的人智学。