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Yvette Erasmus

Dr. Yvette Erasmus is a psychologist, teacher and consultant, specializing in transformative learning. A sought after relational-intelligence expert with over 3 decades of real-world experience in human transformation, healing, growth and learning, Dr. Erasmus helps us embrace and enjoy our differences, while staying grounded in our fundamental unity. Her work is dedicated to bridging differences, inside and outside of ourselves. She shows us how to bring whatever is divided and fragmented back into wholeness, integrity and harmony, offering a unique blend of humor and wisdom, openness and honesty, and a deep generosity of self and spirit.

Upcoming Live NVC Courses with Yvette Erasmus

  • Learn how to talk about your internal boundaries before they become painful issues
  • Stay true to yourself without feeling the weight of guilt if someone gets upset
  • Understand the difference in demands, ultimatums, limits, boundaries, and agreements
  • Learn how to say “No” without the worry of someone getting hurt


Latest NVC Library Resources with Yvette Erasmus

The purpose of setting boundaries is to prevent harm to yourself and others. In this video, Yvette Erasmus describes how and why exquisite self-care requires exquisite boundaries.