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Pernille Plantener

CNVC Certified Trainer from Skaelskoer, Denmark

CNVC Certified Trainer from Skaelskoer, Denmark

Pernille believes in miracles; her own life being the proof. She has walked out of the prisons of an eating disorder and an abusive marriage, and celebrates on a daily basis her new empowered reality including her thriving adult children's. She is peacefully divorced and now happily married to the woman she loves, earning her living by coaching and facilitation. A life she didn't even dare to dream of. Her own transition has skilled her with empathy and dedication to support others in seemingly hopeless conditions – with convincing results.

Pernille spent more than a decade in the advisory service for organic farmers and knows what it takes to change habits and culture: Guts, heart and brain power, and that support is needed for change initiatives to last, whether it's inner peace and agency, or interdependent, supportive relationships. She offers coaching and workshops for individuals and teams on conflict resolution, dissolving shame, neurobiology-based empathy, and how to support others.

Originally organic farmer in Denmark, Pernille holds certification in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), she is trained project manager and process consultant, and certified coach with PCC accreditation. She founded of BusinessByHeart, a collaboration of dedicated trainers offering workshops, facilitation and consultancy based on NVC. She facilitates restorative mediation for the Danish police and has co-authored a book on restoring the clients' dignity aimed at professional first responders. She is part of faculty at Leadership That Works, a coach training institute dedicated to social change and equality. She co-founded an intentional living community in 2015 with self-sufficiency, permaculture and inspiring a green transition as key words.

She has comprehensive experience in personal development and alternative ways of living, including yoga and meditation, gestalt and body therapy, 12-step programmes, resonant empathy and most important – daring to show up vulnerably in everyday life.