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Introducing… The NVC Library

The Fastest Learning Path for Living Nonviolent Communication

Over 1,200 Videos, Courses, Resources, and More

You will not find this collection of NVC resources anywhere else! Learn from the greatest selection of Certified Nonviolent Communication (NVC) trainers from around the world. The NVC Library is a gold mine of inspiring insights, powerful trainings, tips, tools, practice exercises, and more that are not available in books or on the web.

This is the #1 place to experience a wide variety of ways to learn and share NVC. We have over 1,200 resources from more than 100 trainers — with new offerings added all the time. These trainers come from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds, and share unique and exciting ways to stay engaged with Nonviolent Communication. You will find new ways of applying NVC in a variety of situations and get to discover which approaches resonate most with you.

A Treasure Trove of Topics and Perspectives

No matter where you are in your NVC program – or what challenges or opportunities you may be facing in your life – the Library has got you covered.

  • Are you looking for love?
  • Seeking a more fulfilling career?
  • Teaching or managing others?
  • Facilitating practice groups or working toward certification?
  • Facing tough parenting challenges?
  • Need some self-connection?
  • Want to make a difference in your community?

No matter what you are working on, the NVC Library will provide you with the insights, exercises, and information you need to help you bring presence, empathy, and real connection into the conversation.

The Most Comprehensive Resource for NVC Training
  • Essential NVC Learning Tools at your fingertips
  • Full NVC Courses from world-renowned trainers
  • Resources to build your teaching and facilitation skills
  • Discover hidden Library gems with the Surprise Me! feature
  • Save your favorite resources for quick accessibility
  • Enjoy the NVC Library's monthly newsletter, The Inside Story
  • PLUS a 20% discount off most NVC Academy Live programs!
  • The NVC Library is our NVC legacy. With new resources added every week, these resources capture the evolution of NVC and its trainers– past, present, and future. 
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NVC for Every Skill Level

Whether you are new to NVC or have been studying these principles for awhile, the NVC Library is an easy way to stay connected to NVC consciousness, stay current with new information and techniques, and hone your skills. You will find trainings from many of the world's most renowned trainers at every skill level.

Learn Any Place, Any Time

Now the Library is even easier to use because it is compatible with all your mobile and computer devices. Learn on your schedule at your pace. Listen to courses while you are commuting, working out, doing housework, or taking the dog for a walk. The NVC Library turns any time into a productive learning opportunity!

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Create a Personalized Learning Experience

Save your place within recordings, pause, reverse, fast-forward, easily review the sections you are most interested in, and skip what you do not need. Your progress and stopping places are tracked so you never lose your place and can quickly pick up where you left off!

See the Results in Your Life

Not only will you learn the principles and theories of NVC, you will also see how to apply it in all areas of your life in ways you may have never considered before. The NVC Library is packed full of trainers who excel at teaching and living NVC consciousness.

"Our mission is to help people incorporate NVC consciousness to create a rich and juicy life and stay connected to what is most important to them without giving it up, or getting distracted so easily. We want to help our subscribers live their life to its highest potential." —Mark Schultz, NVC Academy Co-Founder.

Bonus: Library Members get a 20% Discount on most NVC Academy Live Courses!

Get Started NOW with the Rest of Your Life

There's never been an easier, more affordable way to learn the life-changing skills of Nonviolent Communication at your own pace, on your schedule. 

Choose from 2 subscription options—NVC Library Monthly Subscription or NVC Library Annual Subscription. Our subscriptions are set to renew automatically and can be canceled at any time. We chose automatic renewal to support your ease so that you can count on having the library at your fingertips anytime you log in.


15 Per Month
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12.50 Per Month
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Empathy is a respectful understanding of what others are experiencing.