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The Effective Communication Program
For All Types Of Organizations

Create a culture of respect, trust and collaboration. 
And get stuff done.


This is communication training for leaders who want to inspire change. Not demand it.

We support organizations of any size, at any stage of business.

We’ll teach you how to increase cohesiveness within your teams so employees work better together. And your projects keep moving forward.

That kind of teamwork doesn't happen by chance. It requires skillful communication that most of us never learned at school. 

We can help you create a culture where every person is valued. 

Our support is based on the framework of Nonviolent Communication. It’ll reconnect you to what’s driving your people’s behavior, even in the most difficult interactions. 

You’ll learn how to transform right/wrong thinking, turn harmful exchanges into connecting ones, and release the judgments that keep your workplace from being the enriching, productive place you dream of. 

  “There’s a lot of talk in this country about the federal deficit. But I think we should talk more about our empathy deficit — the ability to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes”
Barack Obama, Former President of the United States of America


This is tailor-made support.

It’s for organizations who:

  • Care about the experience their people have at work
  • Believe their success lies in how well their team is working together
  • Want their people to enjoy working for them 
  • Strive for care-for-all in the work-place, even amidst different opinions

It will help you: 

  • Learn how to offer feedback in ways that inspire change, rather than discourage it
  • Improve collaboration and teamwork
  • Maintain and strengthen important relationships
  • Have productive meetings worth celebrating
  • Promote a culture of respect and trust, where your colleagues leave work feeling valued and supported

Our custom-tailored support for organizations is born out of a need for calm yet effective communication in the workplace that encourages self-driven resolution of conflict, improved efficiency and a desire to create a collaborative environment.

You will learn what’s really driving your people, and how to use this information to create a stronger, more dedicated, more productive team. 

Our Programs

As standard, we offer:

✔️ A detailed review of your situation and a tailor-made plan of action to give you support in the areas you need it most.
✔️ A dedicated Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer to give your organization personalized support.
✔️ The choice of in-person and online support, or a combination of both.
✔️ A copy of all handouts and learning materials, including recordings and (unedited) transcripts of all your online trainings.
✔️ All online training comes with a highly skilled Zoom tech to keep things running smoothly. You’ll also get simultaneous translation into different languages via Zoom captions if desired.
✔️ The option of individual coaching or group-based support. Or both.

This is unique-to-your-organization communication training for improving communication, which in turn, often improves productivity.

We’ve got trainers based in many countries speaking a variety of different languages. If you’d like to know if we can provide a trainer in your country, and speak your native language, just ask Sofie: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  "Mary Mackenzie’s NVC training was instrumental in our efforts to improve communication and conflict resolution amongst our growing team of managers.“ 
Brian D’Andrea, Senior Vice President, Century Housing Corporation


We are the NVC Academy.  And here’s what we know to be true about working with people.

When your people aren’t happy, they won’t do their best work.

It’s natural to focus on results — organizations usually depend on them.

And like many visionary organizations, you’re likely trying to balance these ambitious goals with the well-being of your team. 

Sometimes though, too much focus on getting stuff done can wind up overshadowing the well-being of those working to bring the vision to life. 

Affected organizations might notice:

  • Decreased productivity
  • A decline in morale
  • Resistance to change
  • Fast-spreading misinformation
  • Increasing stress levels in the workforce
  • A decline in work-life balance and cases of burnout
  • Frequent interpersonal conflicts
  • Reduced engagement

Left unresolved, these symptoms can lead to a decrease in trust in the organization's leaders and reduced commitment to the company. Sick days and staff turnover tend to increase. 

Be reassured. When leveraged well, these experiences can serve as opportunities to demonstrate care, respect and support for your people. We can teach you how to use these challenges to strengthen your organization. 

  “If you have empathy for your people, they will do their best work and you’ll make progress.”
Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO
Our clients

✔️ Companies, Corporations, Organizations, Businesses 
…whatever you call yourself, we’ve got you covered
✔️ Small teams, large teams, and all sizes in between
✔️ Community groups, spiritual groups and faith groups
✔️ Education groups, including schools, colleges and universities 
✔️ For profit and not-for profit 

  "I found NVC so transformative in my own life, that I worked with our national organization to incorporate it into our national training. Mary was accommodating to our needs and concerns, and we were able to develop a training course that fits our needs. Her workshops provided exercises that made NVC principles more understandable and very practical for us. We value her as a vibrant part of our training program."
Everett Lundgren, Chaplain, Volunteers of America


The way you communicate as a group, determines the success of your mission.

The way you treat others has the power to make or break your business.

This is more than just communication training. In addition to helping colleagues feel valued and supported, our customized support for organizations provides a toolkit to move you away from traditional authoritarian leadership models, and into collective action based on mutuality, support and collaboration. 

You’ll learn to build commitment without being manipulative, controlling, or doing anything that feels remotely off.

The Investment
sofie de wulf 150     

Since our support is designed around your needs, the investment will depend on the level of support requested.

Get in touch with Sofie to discuss your organization’s needs. She’ll ask you a few questions, discuss your needs with our highly skilled trainers, then come back to you with a proposal. 

Email Sofie This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her directly on +1 209.782.9007


We’ve already tried a ton of things. How is this different?

Organizations that come to us have often already clarified roles and expectations and have internal mentoring and coaching programs. Some of them have even run internal workshops teaching communication skills and conflict resolution. 

Our clients have also been known to run regular performance reviews, anonymous suggestions boxes, and employee satisfaction surveys. 

Some of them have even taken their teams out to work together on an obstacle course followed by an all-expenses-paid lunch at a pizzeria.

We can help you take it to the next level.

With customized training for your business, you’ll learn how to get more done by getting your team behind your mission. You’ll lay the foundations of Nonviolent Communication in your workplace which can dramatically increase teamwork and cohesiveness among teams.

And you’ll do it all in integrity, in a way that feels good for you, and is aligned with your mission and values. No coercing, manipulation or finger-pointing required.

Will it feel formulaic? My people won’t like that.

While Nonviolent Communication is based on a 4-step process, we’ll teach you how to implement it in a way that feels natural to you. You’ll gain confidence to jump in and out, and mix things up. So you’re people will feel heard, and you will sound natural.

Our challenges involve racism / gender-based harm / homophobia. Can you help?

Yes! Our Certified Trainers will be able to support you with all of these and more. We are confident that using our toolkit, you’ll feel empowered to deal with any conflict that arises in the workplace.




"Every criticism, judgment, diagnosis, and expression of anger is the tragic expression of an unmet need."