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About Our Pricing

Wondering About Discounts, Sliding-Scales, and Refunds?

About Our Pricing

The NVC Academy is an online company whose goals are to support as many people as possible – throughout the world – in learning and deepening their NVC consciousness. We strive to keep the cost of our courses and products as low as possible while providing a broad scope of choices.

Some of our considerations in pricing are:

  • The wide range of income levels across the world
  • The value of the US dollar against foreign currency
  • The maximum number of people a trainer wants to include in their course
  • Number of hours in a course
  • Any additional components/programs offered in a course

Ultimately, we are considering the needs of:

  • Course registrants for choice, trust, value, consistency, and access
  • Trainers for sustainability, respect, and joy in working with us
  • NVC Academy team members for sustainability, ease, and joy in their work
  • NVC Academy for long term sustainability and viability

The people who utilize our services are from all over the world and as such, have varying degrees of access to resources. To attend to this, along with differences in lifestyles, learning preferences, and time zones, we provide a wide range of options, including some that are free of charge.

Additional Efforts to Keep Costs Low

One of the ways that we have aimed to make our offerings more accessible is by making our registration process automated.

With each request for a change of any kind, we are required to shift from an automated to a manual system, thus increasing our internal financial and time expenses. Choosing to maintain the imperfect and somewhat impersonal registration process allows us to avoid raising our prices.

Discounts, Sliding-Scale, and Support Requests

In addition to lack of financial resources or currency exchange challenges, we regularly receive other requests for discounts, different payment plans, and refunds because a person:

  • Will not be able to attend all sessions
  • Wants only to listen to the recordings
  • Is joining a course after its initial start date
  • Wants us to consider any other number of specific requests

We think carefully, because we want to support and sustain the members of our community, as well as the NVC Academy and our trainers. 

The NVC Academy is often challenged to cover all its expenses. At this time, we are not meeting our needs for sustainability as much as we would like, because we give away more than $50,000 in discounts every year. 

Community Support Fund 

With all of this in mind, we created the Community Support Fund as a place where people may:

1) Choose to contribute financially towards others’ registrations, or
2) Request financial support so they may more easily access NVC Academy resources.

Our great hope is that, by working together, all who are interested will have access to NVC trainings – regardless of their income or geographic location. 

Contribute to the Community Support Fund

Request discounted pricing through the Community Support Fund

We typically reply to requests within 24 hours.


We encourage anyone seeking a refund to consider if there is an issue that might be resolved by chatting with us or the trainer. Please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to begin that discussion. 

Please make a refund request after considering the following additional information. 

We long for people to be able to make knowledgeable choices about the courses they attend. Some of our courses – especially edgy/thought provoking or longer time commitment courses – offer a free preview which supports registrants in knowing what they are signing up for. While we do not have this option for all courses, we do commit to offering full refunds if requested before the second day of a course. This offers an opportunity to attend or review the recording of a course and determine if it will be a good fit. 

For courses that are longer than 12 weeks, we request that you notify us within the first 30 days if you do not believe the course is for you. 

In the interest of transparency, please be aware that all refunds take us from an automated system to a manual system, thus increasing our internal financial and time expenses. We also incur additional costs from the payment systems when we process refunds.

We value having our courses contribute to participants, and sometimes a refund is part of this contribution. 

We ask you to fully consider the needs we have outlined above before requesting a refund.You can request a refund by contacting us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Understanding Our Needs & Yours

We hope that reading this has given you a greater understanding of the many needs we grapple with on a daily basis, and what drives our decisions. 

We are equally hopeful that you will find something within the range of what we offer that will support your learning, joy, and fun.

With care and respect,

Mary Mackenzie
CEO and Co-Founder, NVC Academy
CNVC Certified Trainer