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Gregg Kendrick

CNVC Certified Trainer from Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

CNVC Certified Trainer from Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

For 19 years, Gregg was co-owner & CEO of a software technology training firm whose clients were primarily Fortune 500 corporations & federal agencies. Within this business, he brought an awareness of needs-based communication among the staff and transformed the structure & operation of the business to be a needs-centered culture.

Awed by the potency of that experience, Gregg founded Basileia LLC and has been a full-time consultant/trainer since 2004. Using human needs-based frameworks and processes, such as needs-based communication (NVC™), the Cultural Transformation Tools of Barrett Values Centre, or the Sociocratic Circle Method, he supports leaders to activate the human potential of themselves, their teams and their organization. His speciality is "whole-team" facilitated conversations that deepen connection among team members while advancing the team toward its goals.

Gregg's work focuses on developing "power-with" leaders rather than "power-over" — teaching a mindset and skill sets that inspire, empower and build trust among people. These leaders become more authentic, more empathic and more grounded as they create cultures of collaboration and purpose. 

Other key business experience includes serving on several boards of directors of nonprofit & for-profit organizations, and co-managing an investment fund for seven years.

Gregg is a CTT Certified Consultant and a Certified Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) Trainer who has facilitated extensive trainings in the United States, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Australia, South Korea, India and South Africa — including being a trainer at International Intensive Trainings with Marshall Rosenberg, the developer of NVC.  

He resides in Charlottesville, Virginia, with his wife and three daughters.

Website: Basileia, LLC

Website: NVC Training Institute

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Listen to this interview with Gregg Kendrick and one of his clients to learn how to successfully introduce NVC into an organization that is unfamiliar with the concept. Gregg’s client, Dale Neikirk, will be sharing how NVC has supported and improved the results of his insurance company, through Gregg’s masterly facilitation.