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Gerardo Sanchez Lozano

CNVC Certified Trainer from Las Matas, Madrid, Spain

CNVC Certified Trainer from Las Matas, Madrid, Spain

Gerardo began practicing NVC in 2005 and became a CNVC Certified Trainer in October 2017. Being a Gestalt therapist, Transgenerational Systemic therapist and mediator, Gerardo works in the corporate world and with individuals and couples.

The traumatic death of his mother when he was nine was followed by a difficult adolescence, as her death caused his father to retreat into alcoholism. The resulting pain, loss, and confusion he felt left him yearning for a sense of orientation and meaning, along with a deep desire to feel happy and fulfilled. This led him to explore new ways of thinking and being, which included Nonviolent Communication and other modalities. Over the course of his exploration, he has gathered a helpful set of tools that have enormously supported his healing and growth — he is delighted to be able to share what he has learned with others all over the world.

His passion is healing, communication, and relationships!

 Website: escuelacnv.com