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Faye Landey

Faye says she always had an unconscious notion that there was great wisdom and knowledge to be found in the depth of the inner personal experience of each human being. It was through learning the “needs consciousness” from NVC that transformed her appreciation for life, relationships and herself.

A participant in paving the path for women’s equality in the work force in the sixties, Faye comes out of decades in the corporate environment that often focused on success at the expense of others. Today she advocates and teaches a new way to navigate through the world so that everyone’s  humanness is valued.

Faye is a CNVC Certified Trainer and team trainer for the 8-month immersion training called Compassionate Leadership. She is cofounder and past Board Member of the Georgia Network for Nonviolent Communication, and a Registered Neutral Mediator with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution. She especially enjoys training trainers and offering NVC to adults who have influence in the lives of children, and in whose hands our future resides. She received a BA degree from Emory University in Atlanta, enjoys opera and classical music, and as a former marathon runner she delights in training others for distance running.

Website: Georgia Network for Nonviolent Communication