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Mukti Jarvis

CNVC Certified Trainer from New South Wales, Australia

CNVC Certified Trainer from New South Wales, Australia

Mukti Jarvis is a certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer and Mediator since 2004. She's also an accredited Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist and experiential attachment oriented relationship coach and therapist.

She studied alongside the late developer of NVC, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, in Switzerland, USA and Australia before co-training with him in New Zealand. Gina Lawrie, Ike Lasater and John Kinyon, Liv Larsson and Sarah Peyton are other CNVC trainers who have been influential in Mukti's discovery of NVC, mediation and general learning.

Mukti was co-founder of Embodying NVC, a comprehensive program, 2011-2015. She has a passion for education and creating engaging, transformative learning experiences. In 2016 Mukti began to offer NVC training and coaching via online courses and Zoom groups. 

Mukti also has an extensive history in both corporate and private sector business, in HR and General Management. All through her professional life, human connection, emotional honesty, dignity and wellbeing have been the priority.

She brings together attachment theory, compassionate communication, conflict resolution and the study of intimacy in relationships to create practical, experiential workshops and events. Her activities include having delivered numerous private programs for couples and individuals plus global and local businesses, school communities, tertiary health education, and franchise organisations.

Mukti's private practice for couples and individuals is inclusive and has been operating since 2003.

With her commitment to relationship connection, wellbeing and intimacy, Mukti is available to contribute to media discussions and publications.

Mukti is available to meet with people nationally and internationally via online in Zoom. 

Mukti is a member of:

  • International Center for Nonviolent Communication
  • NVC Australia
  • International Institute for Complementary Therapist
  • International Center for Excellence in EFT
  • Australian Center for EFT
  • Melbourne Center for EFT

    Website: Everyday Love

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