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Susan Skye

CNVC Certified Trainer from Portland, Oregon, USA

CNVC Certified Trainer from Portland, Oregon, USA

Susan specializes in integrating the often severe consequences that early childhood trauma wreak on our relationships, our sense of self and our ability to thrive.  Susan has a unique practice that combines depth transformational psychology, Coherence Therapy, EMDR - all in the needs-based context of Nonvioloent Communication.  Her work values empathic personal connection with clients above all else.

Susan is a CNVC Certified Trainer, private consultant and speaker. As an Assistant Dean at UCLA in the early 70s, she co-created and taught the Women’s Studies Program. Since 1976 she has conducted training in a variety of self-development areas. A graduate of Bryn Mawr College, Yale University and Pacifica Graduate Institute, Susan has masters’ degrees in Psychology and Russian / East European Studies.

 A founder of the NVC Training Institute,  as well as the Living Energy of Needs Intensive Training, Susan has given training in the USA, Canada, Europe and Korea, and has been a regular trainer at the Center for Nonviolent Communication's (CNVC) International Intensive Trainings (IIT). She has worked with General Motors and the government of British Columbia, among others. She served as the CNVC Registration Coordinator for Certification Candidates in North and South America for almost 10 years.

Website: Oregon Network for Compassionate Community

Latest NVC Library Resources with Susan Skye

Join Susan Skye as she guides you to experience profound transformation of the inner jackal messages resulting from childhood trauma. Discover how the limbic system of the brain works, and transform jackal messages stored there with compassionate connection.  


Join Susan Skye in this hour-long audio recording to learn how to experience the NVC consciousness as an embodied, living practice of the 'Living Energy of Needs."  This recording includes a supportive learning exercise and tips for expressing needs in a non-mechanical way. "Over the years, I have noticed that people -- including trainers and facilitators --     use the words of the NVC process without full connection to life energy, often resulting in a failure to get to a full connection with actual life energy of these qualities that we have named "needs." This results in a mechanical communication model, rather than a true empathic connection. Join me in learning how to share NVC as an embodied, living practice of the 'Living Energy of Needs." —Susan Skye


In this interactive video, Susan Skye helps you unlearn existing, negative associations with the term "needs" to instead build a new association grounded in your natural state of compassion.


In this short but profound audio, Susan Skye unpacks the various ways one may view (and experience) the need for respect. By deepening your understanding of respect, you will enjoy greater choice and clarity in your own experience of respect and in making a request of others.