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Get Started with Nonviolent Communication (NVC)... for FREE!

  • Learn the principles of NVC on your schedule, at your own pace
  • Get powerful learning tools you can use right away, every day
  • Build life skills that will supercharge your personal interactions
  • Witness how NVC works in relationships, parenting, social justice, and more

"Human beings have enormous power to enrich life. We can use words to contribute to people’s enjoyment, their wisdom. We can use words that can make life miserable for people. So our words are very powerful. We can touch people in ways that give great pleasure, great nurturing, support. We are powerhouses, and there’s nothing we enjoy doing more than to use that power we have to enrich lives.” — Marshall Rosenberg, PhD and creator of NVC

Do you seek a deeper level of connection with the people in your life? Would you like ways to more easily navigate conflict, both within and outside yourself? Do you want to increase your ability to live from a place of conscious choice and personal empowerment? 

Get ready to discover the life-changing power of Nonviolent Communication (NVC)! Learn with certified trainers Alan Seid, Catherine Cadden, Hema Pokharna, Inbal Kashtan, Jeff Brown, Jim and Jori Manske, John Kinyon, Marshall Rosenberg, Mary Mackenzie, Miki Kashtan, Raj Gil, Roxy Manning, Sarah Peyton, Sylvia Haskvitz and Wes Taylor.

This FREE introductory program is a collection of video, audio, and text designed to guide you toward deeper connections with yourself and others through practice and application. 

Over four modules, you can expect:

  • Video, audio, and text lessons taught by world-renowned CNVC Certified Trainers
  • Prompts for journaling so that you can reflect and set intentions for practice
  • Suggestions for how to practice the principles in your relationships
  • Self-assessments so you can track your goals and progress
  • Additional bonus resources for deeper learning!
Plus, get 30 days of free access to the NVC Library with over 1200 learning resources!

“I would definitely recommend this course as a wonderful beginning for NVC. Mostly because it covered a lot of different aspects of NVC and had so many different speakers. All of the teachers were wonderful to listen to and how they modeled NVC.” — Anonymous

☑️ Ready to find out how you can use language to create safety and connection?
☑️ Ready to enhance your ability to connect with self and your deepest truths?
☑️ Ready to enrich your relationships with family, friends, partners, and colleagues?

Get Started with Nonviolent Communication now!



What others do may be a stimulus of our feelings, but not the cause.

michael dam
Kathy H.

I think the course is amazing, I'm a long-time student of NVC and keep learning new things as I go back and review "beginner" information so I knew this course would be worthwhile. It has definitely been that, and more!

This course is easy to navigate and instructions are clear and concise. The course outline and check list were very helpful in providing ease of navigation, an overall view of the course and a quick review of what categories I had completed. The material is well organized and provides a nice variety of audio, visual and printed material. I also enjoyed hearing from a variety of teachers. I appreciate the self-assessment intervals and journaling (even though I didn't want to do them at first). It's so helpful to see what I've learned or how my perspective has changed as I go through the course.

So far this course has met my need for ease, predictability, understanding, growth and support. I'm very grateful to you all for all the time, work, thought and dedication that was involved in creating and maintaining this course.