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Begin anytime

Allow 5-12 weeks to complete

  • Integrate the underlying principles of NVC into your daily life
  • Create a daily practice of self empathy and connecting to needs
  • Strengthen your own personalized set of NVC skills
  • Increase your sense of power in the world
  • Deepen connection with yourself and those in your life
  • Start here to discover how Nonviolent Communication (NVC) will enrich and deepen all your relationships.
  • You'll love this practical and enlightening approach to empathic listening and effective self-expression.
  • Learn on your schedule with self-paced learning modules in this 30-day program. 

Begin anytime

Allow 4-12 weeks to complete

  • Discover how to be radically honest without pushing “the other” away
  • Learn to ask firmly and gracefully for what you want, hear ‘NO,’ and stay alive
  • Explore how the power of empathy dissolves anger, pain, and fear
  • Discern the essence of what others say, no matter how it is expressed