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Connection Based Parenting

  • Cultivate more appreciation and joy in family life
  • Increase your ability to stay present in challenging times
  • Inspire in your children the values you hold dear
  • Develop your parenting vision and put it into ACTION!

Allow 4-12 weeks to complete

$40 - $85


Listen to Mona and Ian talk about their ground-breaking course

Would you like to experience more collaboration with your children?

As parents, we constantly want the best for our children. To support them in growing into amazing adults, caring, fulfilled, in love with life. We also want to build strong relationships that endure the test of time.

To do this effectively requires a parenting approach rooted in awareness and presence.

Connection Based Parenting is a comprehensive parenting program inspired by the process and principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Created by experienced NVC trainers and parents, Ian Peatey and Monica Reu, this self-paced course contains 12 modules designed to let you learn and engage at the times that work for you, offering TONS of flexibility.

This course will give you the tools and knowledge that you need to stay present and fully BE THERE for yourself and for your child in challenging situations - and the skills to restore the connection when you make "mistakes".

You will come away with:

  1. Ways to enhance your listening skills
  2. Ideas about how to prioritize your own needs
  3. Insights into what may be behind your child's behavior
  4. More ways to support your child's growing self-esteem
  5. Tools for setting and communicating safe boundaries
  6. Ways of dealing with tears and outbursts
  7. Strategies for taking care of your couple relationship as parents

Each module targets a different aspect of the complex child-parent relationship and is accompanied by exercises and practices so you can implement the principles presented right away.

Connection Based Parenting will teach you how to develop true collaboration without resorting to rewards or punishments. By learning these skills, you will inspire strong values in your children while building a culture of appreciation and enjoyment of life in your family.

  • Activities and exercises for each module
  • Lifetime access to classroom
  • Access to one-on-one coaching offered to registrants wanting additional support

About Monica Reu and Ian Peatey
Monica Reu and Ian Peatey

Monica Reu
Monica Reu was certified in 2009 and was the first Romanian trainer of Nonviolent Communication. She translated Marshall’s book Nonviolent Communication, a Language of Life into Romanian, and brought him to Romania in 2006 for a series of conferences.

Monica has become known in Romania as an expert in parenting and is a regular contributor in various TV and radio shows. Convinced that raising children can be a constant process of inner transformation and healing for parents, for the past eleven years she has mainly been supporting grown-ups and kids in building deep connection, by leading long courses, conferences and individual...