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MP4 Video Download

7 Sessions 14-16 hours

Recorded in 2018

  • Focus on living from the inside out
  • Bring a field of inner kindness to your inner distress
  • Attend to your inner experience with compassion
  • Cultivate an inner spaciousness of freedom
  • Learn how to transform NVC into a tool for systemic awareness and healing
  • Examine the influence of difference, and uncover pathways that strengthen its capacity
  • Learn to receive and offer feedback on impact in situations fraught with power differences
  • Explore specific ways in which NVC systemically supports the full flowering of humanity
  • Delve into the dynamics of cultural differences, and discover how NVC can systemically contribute to a liberation perspective

MP4 Video Download

10 Sessions 9 hours, 30 minutes

Recorded in 2019

Do you ever feel worried or uncomfortable about conversations around domination and power, or feel afraid of saying the wrong thing? Are you a trainer, facilitator, teacher, or a leader who wants tools for inviting greater diversity and inclusion in your work? Listen to Roxy and Martha’s richly transformative course recording and learn how to: 1) cultivate behaviors that foster inclusion and partner-based relationships; 2) develop ease when connecting across differences; 3) expand your capacity for recognizing micro-aggressions, fragility, historical patterns — and so much more.


MP4 Video Download

8 Sessions, 8-12 hours

Recorded in 2018

  • Increase your sense of connection and compassion, even in the heat of conflict
  • Deepen your access to needs consciousness and the powerful energy of gratitude
  • Learn how to make powerful requests that support the flow of connection
  • Expand your self-empathy skills to help you shift away from reactivity

MP4 Video Download

6 Sessions, 12 - 13 hours

Recorded in 2018

  • Gain a new, surprising, and exciting connection to yourself that will enable you to both deepen the sense of power in your life and actualize everything you've always dreamed of… 
  • Experience being fully present in the world — despite your habits — so that you'll always be connected to your inner center and thus be able to choose at any given moment where to take your life…
  • Understand how to create within yourself (and others!) a sense of flow and love, making your life much more beautiful and exciting… 
  • Learn how to open up in your relationships in ways you never thought would be possible, creating an entirely different closeness and intimacy in your life…