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Earn income as you share Nonviolent Communication

NVC Academy Affiliate Program

Get paid to help enrich the lives of others!

The NVC Academy Affiliate Program offers you the opportunity to:

  • Expand opportunities for people worldwide to learn and live nonviolently
  • Earn money for your causes or for your NVC certification journey
  • Contribute to the sustainability of NVC trainers so that they can continue to offer this work around the world!

As an affiliate, you can help those in your personal or professional network improve their relationships, increase their capacity for nonviolence, experience deeper self-connection, and much more.

How It Works

The Affiliate Program allows you to earn a 20% commission on certain live courses throughout the year, as well as a commission on membership fees for new NVC Library subscribers.

This means that when someone registers for a course within seven days of clicking on your affiliate link, you earn:

  • A 20% commission on each live course purchase made using your personalized, affiliate link— with higher commissions for select events
  • 7.5% commission on membership fees for new NVC Library subscribers— for the entire period that the purchaser maintains their Library membership!

How much money does this translate to for me?
As an example, if 10 people purchased a $400 live course using your affiliate link, you would earn $800. If 10 people subscribed to the NVC Library for one year, you would earn up to $135 depending on their subscription choice.

When do I get paid?
Every quarter that you earn $20 or more in commissions, the NVC Academy will automatically transfer money to the PayPal account you provide to us.

Do you provide marketing materials?
Yes! We are happy to help get you started with creative promotional ideas. We send you suggested wording that you can use to inspire people to sign up via your affiliate account a few times per year. Look for this in your email inbox!

5 Easy Steps to Get Started
  • Sign up to become an affiliate partner (if you already have an NVC Academy account, you will want to be logged in first).
  • Enter your PayPal email address by clicking on “define a payout method” at the top of your Affiliate Information page. Note: You will only do this step once. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can set one up for free at paypal.com.
  • Click on “Banners and Links” under the Affiliate Info Tab (to the right of Your Account). At the bottom, click on the Live Courses (20% Commission) to see which courses are available for promotion, or click on NVC Library (7.5% Commission) to find your library link.
  • Copy your personal affiliate links and descriptions for the courses you wish to promote.
  • Paste your links and descriptions into an email, social media post, blog post, newsletter, or website of your choice to share with your friends, family, colleagues, employees, or other connections.

Ready to earn as you share what you love?
Become an Affiliate Partner Today!

Questions or doubts?

Contact Outreach Coordinator Sofie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..