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Jared Finkelstein

CNVC Certified Trainer from Berkeley, California, USA

CNVC Certified Trainer from Berkeley, California, USA

Jared believes that in a connected world what’s essential is the quality of our connection. As a consultant and trainer he specializes in supporting people and communities to make choices that transform separation and misunderstanding into connection and collaboration. Jared is devoted to the idea of intergenerational interdependence. He works with organizations, schools, homes, faith-based communities, and camps, supporting people of all ages with the discipline of Nonviolent Communication used to illuminate and fine tune the qualities of connection in all our relationships, and for everyone’s benefit. A former filmmaker and media educator, Jared taught Media Literacy to youth in Poughkeepsie NY through the Children’s Media Project, as well as through the Summer Institute for the Gifted, The Randolph School, and the Poughkeepsie Day School before dedicating his time to disseminating skills and practices for conflict resolution and peace. Jared currently resides in Berkeley, California, where he spends his time scheduling workshops, practice groups, residential retreats and consultations with individuals and organizations. When he is not busy with all this, he daydreams ways of popularizing complex ideas into simple packages for general consumption, and plays role-playing games with his friends.