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Yvette Erasmus

Dr. Yvette Erasmus is a psychologist, teacher and consultant, specializing in transformative learning. A sought after relational-intelligence expert with over 3 decades of real-world experience in human transformation, healing, growth and learning, Dr. Erasmus helps us embrace and enjoy our differences, while staying grounded in our fundamental unity.

Her work is dedicated to bridging differences, inside and outside of ourselves. She shows us how to bring whatever is divided and fragmented back into wholeness, integrity and harmony, offering a unique blend of humor and wisdom, openness and honesty, and a deep generosity of self and spirit.

Upcoming Live NVC Courses with Yvette Erasmus

  • Learn how to overcome negative self-talk
  • Embark on an empowering journey of self-discovery
  • Celebrate your personal strengths
  • Increase trust in yourself


Latest NVC Library Resources with Yvette Erasmus

Yvette Erasmus shares Terry Real's grid as a tool for exploring a spectrum of emotional responses. We all have feelings and sometimes we get dysregulated or frozen up. How do you want to express and be in connection with other people? Can you attune to the relational context that you are in?


Yvette Erasmus shares that we can translate or shift how we hear right and wrong language. We can use the cue - What is needed? I wonder what they are needing? This helps direct my attention to more relationality.


Yvette Erasmus shares practices to help us develop a regulated nervous system. We all get hijacked and triggered at some point. When that happens we can travel a blame and shame road or we can greet ourselves with graciousness and self compassion.


Many of us have been raised within a right/ wrong culture. From very young ages, we are asked, "What is wrong?" Yvette Erasmus shares a different view where emotions can be seen as expansion and contraction, where they can help us identify our needs.


Yvette Erasmus suggests that making peace with our feelings reduces suffering. Sometimes we want to hurry through our feelings and just feel better.