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Sophie Docker & Sarri Bater

Sophie Docker

Sophie is committed to exploring how we can organise in a way that is inclusive and collaborative using conflict as a driver for change. She works with conflict transformation and dialogue as a facilitator, trainer and mediator. She has a degree in Politics and Economics and a Postgraduate diploma in Law and has trained in Restorative practices, Convergent Facilitation, mediation and Nonviolent Communication. She currently works facilitating Restorative processes and sharing Nonviolent Communication in organisations ranging from large corporations, through social enterprises, prisons and schools, with OpenEdge, and The Restorative Engagement Forum. Her work is about illuminating and transforming the current internal and external domination systems and getting beyond a story of separation.

Sarri Bater

As a scholar-practitioner in Conflict Transformation, Sarri holds a consciousness of nonviolent communication (NVC) as a foundation of her approach.Sarri's practice goes beyond political and technical engagement with conflict, to include deeper spiritual and philosophical resources for moving from paradigms of violence to paradigms of peace. Sarri has a passion for the relationship between personal transformation and transforming systemic and structural violence. She also specialises in 'identity and difference’ conflict.Sarri is committed to learning, embodying and developing re-humanising cultures, practices and systems as an alternative to existing systems for human organising. For 25 years she has lived and worked in Sri Lanka, the Middle East, Europe, the UK and Northern Ireland, with diverse engagement in the field (including restorative dialogue projects; election monitoring; University lecturing; supporting refugee charities; organisational transformation; Truth and Reconciliation projects; detached youth work; in Maximum Security Prison; Gender and Sexual Rights education; Racial Equality Council officer on Hate Crimes; participating in UN Human Rights Council Sessions; running local learning and practice groups; independent advisor to police and government on reforming 'community and race relations'; school and community mediation projects ...and more...). Sarri holds a First Class Honours Degree in Peace Studies, an MSc with distinction in Transitional Justice, and an LLM in Human Rights, and training in many other processes and practices. 

I have a powerful urge to communicate, but I find the distance between us insurmountable. 
—Pastor Paul in Lukas Hnaths play 'The Christians'.When the distance between us seems insurmountable, I feel a powerful urge to communicate. 

Website: http://www.openedge.org.uk