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NVC Library

Writers’ Guidelines

The NVC Library is doing a call out for writer submissions. The library is a paid subscription service that allows members an easy way to keep current with information and techniques, and hone their skills -- no matter what level of skill they are at in their NVC journey.  Our library aims to continue to be the most comprehensive resource for online NVC training, with new materials added each month from CNVC Certified Trainers to help members build life-changing NVC skills.




Our membership runs the gamut from introductory level to experienced CNVC Certified Trainer.  Members subscribe for the purpose of learning NVC or to discover how to deepen their NVC practice in a variety of settings (e.g. business, parenting, classroom, workshop, relationship, social change, prison, etc.).  We want each written work to have direct, immediate and meaningful value to our readers.




Writers' Guidelines links

Please read the following sections before submitting your work:

Type of writing we’re looking for
Before you write, please...
We want all written works to...
Copyright & Payment
Ready to submit your work?


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