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FAQ: What type of written works are you open to receiving?

What doesn’t work for you?


We’re open to written works that describe or explain from an NVC standpoint, what works, and how or why it works.  We are looking for practical NVC what-to, how-to, when-to, why-to, ways-to, recommendations, tips, or fresh ideas.

This includes:

  • NVC curriculum
  • NVC facilitation activities/exercises
  • How to’s
  • NVC “snags” people may run into, and suggestions for how to navigate them
  • Inspirational NVC articles that clearly define what worked and how
  • Works that focus on "NVC relevant" results of scientific studies that have meaningful implications for the reader, and written in an engaging way for the average lay-reader
  • Works that explain NVC from a unique perspective


Your piece can be story-driven, but we want it to mainly focus on an NVC response, and how or why that response works. We want written pieces that provide explicitly stated insights that others can use.  We’d like each written work to have direct, immediate and meaningful value to our readers.

In other words, personal stories, or reflections on your life, don't fit into what we're looking for -- unless its an example used to support explicitly stated ideas in the written piece.  Also, pieces that could be construed as “veiled advertorials” also don’t fit what we want.



(Note: You can also access more Author Support pages in the menu on the upper right hand side of this page.)