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A New Opportunity for CNVC Certified Trainers!

Leverage the materials you already have, to...

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Expand your pool of NVC students

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Increase the number of invitations you get to coach, speak, lead and influence

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Can you say “yes” to ONE or more of the following?

  • Do you have savvy NVC tips, recommendations, insights or fresh ideas?

  • Have you written NVC articles or book excerpts (previously published or not), or are you thinking of writing one?

  • Is there an NVC facilitation activity you like to run in your workshops? Or NVC curriculum you've found to be effective that you’d like to share with others? 

  • Do you know something that helped people deepen their NVC learning or practice?

We’re putting a call for submissions to CNVC Certified Trainers to help us expand our collection of written works for our NVC Library. We’re open to written works that describe or explain from an NVC standpoint, what works, and how or why it works.  We are looking for practical NVC what-to, how-to, when-to, why-to, ways-to, recommendations, tips, or fresh ideas.

  Seven Benefits

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   Ready to earn income while you sleep?

  • We want each written work to have direct, immediate, and meaningful value to our readers.

  • Our audience runs the gamut from introductory level to highly experienced CNVC Certified Trainer.

  • They all come for the purpose of learning NVC, or to discover how to deepen their NVC practice.

Interested in knowing more?

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vision 1  Please spread the word

We predict that the more quality Multimedia Library materials we have, the more likely our membership will grow -- and therefore the more clicks you could get, and thus increasing your commissions.

So please spread the word to other CNVC Certified Trainers about our passive income offering (you can send them this web page).

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