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NVC Library

Author Agreements

Thanks for considering submitting your writing to the NVC Library!

When you send us a submission, you're indicating that you’ve read, understood and agreed to our terms, so please take a few minutes to read over the agreement below.

How we use your work

Your writing will be uploaded to a member-only portion of our website at NVCAcademy.com The NVC Library is a paid subscription service that:

  1. Allows the public to browse article descriptions
  2. Allows only our members to view or download articles



When you submit your writing, You maintain 100% copyright ownership of your writing.  What this additionally means is:

  • When you submit your writing to NVC Academy, you’re only letting us add your written work to the our library collection so that our members can view and/or download the writing piece.  
  • You may remove your writing from the our library at any time.
  • You may also submit pieces you wrote and published elsewhere, as long as the copyright agreement you have with other publications allows for it.



Membership to the NVC Library is a paid subscription. 20% of the NVC Library gross revenue for a given quarter is divided between all contributors of resources based on the number of unique clicks per resource. For more details, please see this  page.


NVC Academy (NVCA) pays it’s NVC Library contributors on a quarterly basis, based on the number of unique clicks their work received during that quarter.  


If the author lives in the USA, (s)he is paid at the end of each quarter via cheque.  

If the author lives outside the USA, (s)he is paid at the end of each applicable quarter via PayPal.

Thanks again for considering submitting your written work to the NVC Library!