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Melissa Pai Ling

NVC Library Editor

With a talent for developing creative solutions and bringing a high level of attention to both “big picture” and detail in her work, Melissa's background includes:

  • Implementing over four years of NVC leadership, in various contexts - including her work as former board director at the BC Network for Compassionate Communication, and NVC Facilitator
  • Honing her seven years of writing and editing experience
  • Applying collaboration and customer service in various organizations since 1996
  • Developing and running entrepreneurial ventures since 2001, and
  • Consistently incorporating NVC learning and practice since 2012

Besides deepening her NVC integration and questioning NVC culture, what are some things that bring her joy? Dance flash mobs, improv games, mutual inspiration, empowerment, and daydreams of “being in a serene, cuddle-snuggle pile of chubby kitties and bunnies”.