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Before you write...

 If you haven’t written your piece yet, please send us a summary of what you’d like to write, including why you think your piece would appeal to our readers. That way we can provide some “course corrections” on what would most closely fit the type of submission we’re looking for. It may also save you a ton of time and effort in the writing process.  You can email your summary to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The summary can be as simple as this:

"I want to write to ________ [audience] to tell them ________ [message].  This is so that _________ [purpose].  My written work aims to do this given that __________ [context].  I think this would appeal to Multimedia Library readers because __________.  Here's an outline depicting the topics I plan on covering..."




So for example: 

I want to write to minority groups.  I'd be writing to tell them about three effective ways I've found to handle microaggressions when I perceive them to be directed at me.  This is so that those in minority groups can have more specific ways to bridge the gap of care, with greater clarity and greater know-how for handling those situations. 

My written work aims to do this given that I notice an increasing trend of many people looking for ways to handle microaggressions, and there's not as many sources that look at this issue from an NVC perspective. 

I think this would appeal to Multimedia Library readers because readers who find themselves in those situations can come away with feeling more equipped to handle a situation that may not seem so straightforward to them.  My hope is that they experience some clearer ideas that align with the NVC perspective that they value so much.  These are ideas that I think would bring them greater ease and empowerment -- especially in those situations where they might feel confused and hopeless. 

Here's an outline depicting the topics I plan on covering:

  1. Intro + What is a microaggression?
  2. Three underlying principles for handling a micro-aggression that could help increase the chances of being fully heard with more tenderness and greater clarity.
  3. Three examples where I've seen these principles implemented effectively (some of which I've tried myself with great success). 
  4. Two examples for an unwelcome response to your first attempt at bridging the gap of care.  And how to handle them with an open heart.
  5. Closing statements





Currently, we're particularly interested with populating our Multimedia Library with written works that introduce readers to NVC or those that are foundational to understanding NVC.  Especially written works that bust myths of the components of NVC (eg. Needs vs Neediness).



(Also, you can also access more Author Support pages in the menu on the upper right-hand side of this page.)