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FAQ: How much passive income can I earn?


Short answer

It depends on various factors.  You get paid every time a reader click on your written work for the first time within a yearly quarter.  The more popular your written piece(s), the more commissions you earn while you sleep.


More complete answer

Membership to NVC Library is a paid subscription. 20% of the gross Library revenue for a given annual quarter is divided between all contributors based on the number of unique clicks per written piece, and the number points assigned to each written piece.  Our library gets 10 000 unique views per month from its members.  And we predict that number to grow -- last year our library grew almost 15%, and we plan on increasing that growth rate each year.  Each written work is assigned two points per page (a half page is counted as a full page).  

You earn approximately $0.18 per unique view, per point (this amount may change based on the gross revenue).  So for example:

If you get 500 unique views in an annual quarter, you would get $90 per "point" during that quarter.  If you have two points for one writing piece (one page; approximately 500 words), that piece would earn $180 in that annual quarter.  If that happens with three writing pieces, you would earn $540  per annual quarter.  You may earn more during subsequent quarters that year, and in coming years!


Please spread the word to other CNVC Trainers about our passive income offering -- We predict that the more quality resources we have, the likely more our membership grows, and the more you’ll get paid (because payment is based on the number of unique clicks each annual quarter.  The larger our readership, the more clicks you could get, and thus more money).  You can send CNVC Certified Trainers to the Opportunity web page.




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