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11 Ways to Create Immediate Intrigue
in Your Headline and Opening Sentences

To increase your readership,
and thus also your commissions


  1. Communicate what’s new, or different

  2. Use a compelling or insightful quote

  3. Open with a thought-provoking question

  4. Say something that goes against conventional wisdom; or that’s controversial; or surprising (but not offensive)

  5. Find a way to arouse curiosity

  6. Start with something humorous

  7. Speak to why your document is worth reading.  Highlight relevance to the reader’s life.

  8. Include the words “why” or “how” in the lead-in

  9. Answer the question “Why would a reader care about this?”

  10. Include relevant imagery

  11. (For opening sentences, specifically) Start with a brief anecdote that clearly supports your main thesis

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