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To Support Writing Contributors

of NVC Library


For answers, click on your question below:


Seven Benefits

  1. What are 7 benefits of having my written work at the NVC Library?



  1. How much passive income can I earn?
  2. When do I get paid?
  3. What's your payment method?
  4. How can I increase my commissions?


Writing Guidelines

  1. Where can I access your Writers’ Guidelines?
  2. What audience do you want my written work to address?
  3. What type of written works are you open to receiving? What doesn’t work for you?
  4. What level of writing do you want my written work to be at?
  5. What do I need to know before I put in all the effort and time writing and reworking my piece?



  1. Who owns the copyright to my work?
  2. Is this offer only open to CNVC Certified Trainers?  Yes
  3. How do I submit my writing?
  4. Who can I contact for any further questions or assistance?



(Note: You can also access more Author Support pages in the menu on the upper right-hand side of this page.)