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NVC Conference 2024

  • Reveal a larger world of potential for Nonviolent Communication in everyday life
  • Sharpen your NVC skills or start fresh, by sampling a broad spectrum of impactful subjects
  • Participate in a rich menu of live sessions and enjoy lifetime access to 18+ recordings 
  • Learn how to apply NVC in your own life and meet others doing the same

Friday, January 26 to Sunday, January 28, 2024 
Find Schedule below

The conference is complete. You can register to receive access to the recorded sessions.


Watch the Instagram Live Session with Ranjitha Jeurkar, Rodger Sorrow and Eric Huang

Embark on a Journey of Connection and Discovery at Our Online Conference!

Picture this…

😍 …A vibrant gathering of compassionate hearts igniting their fires and deepening their understanding of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).
🌎 …The group is made up of an International crowd - from complete beginners to seasoned enthusiasts from every continent.
🦒 …13 trainers offering a wide variety of topics to tickle even the pickiest of taste buds.
🤗 …It's a festival of learning, fun, and community-building, with a relaxed vibe. More than attending a class, it's an immersive experience that promises to enrich your life.
🎥 …The opportunity to attend 6 sessions live and get lifetime access to all 22 session recordings to watch at your leisure.

What can you expect from this event? 

  • Variety: Meet a diverse bunch of trainers offering 18 topics to participants from around the world. Learn about transforming limiting beliefs or mindful interruptions. Turn pain into passions, or delve into workplace Microaggressions*. See the full Lineup for more details and sample the 'cheese board' of NVC!
  • Inspiration: Tickle your tastebuds with 2-hour sessions on 18 different topics. Get inspired by the trainers, or dive into our dedicated community room and see what’s on offer there. 
  • Skill Development: Whether you are looking to sharpen your NVC skills or just getting started, our lineup is designed to give you a taste of all the topics on offer. 
  • Purposeful Connection: Combat the potential loneliness of solitary practice by coming together with enthusiasts from around the world. Make new friends that share your interest in Nonviolent Communication. 
  • See the Bigger Picture: Discover the tangible relevance of NVC in your daily life. This conference will show you how NVC transcends the foundations of the OFNR (Observation, Feeling, Need, Request) model. It’s about infusing love, enhancing relationships, championing social justice, and honing listening skills to make a difference at home, in the workplace, and even in the grocery store line.

Join us to witness the expansive role NVC plays in the world. This conference provides a view of the bigger picture. Giving you a taste of the potential and possibility for applying NVC in a world that yearns for meaningful connection.

Join us at this festival of minds and hearts as we come together to share, learn, and live the essence of Nonviolent Communication. Expect to broaden your perspective and reveal a larger world of potential for Nonviolent Communication in everyday life. 

The Lineup

All sessions will take place online via Zoom. 

Friday, January 26

Session 1
6-8PM PT

eric huang 075Eric Huang
The NVC Path - How Can NVC Make My Life More Wonderful?

Eric will explore how to connect with others using the NVC language of needs. He will look at how different communication strategies can either create connection or conflict, and participants will practice connecting to each other authentically using NVC. 

This session is ideal for those who are new to Nonviolent Communication

rodger sorrow 075Rodger Sorrow
Transforming Limiting Beliefs

In this session, participants will learn to identify and transform their own limiting beliefs—those habitual, often unconscious thought patterns that shape our experiences—by exploring their impact, envisioning a life free of such constraints, and replacing them with empowering, life-affirming beliefs.

shoshama wheeler 100Shoshana Wheeler
NVC Restorative Dialogues

Shoshanna will teach the framework for holding a restorative dialogue - an effective technique for moving forwards when there has been a rupture in a relationship caused by the actions or words of one or both people involved.

Saturday, January 27

9-9:30AM  | Opening Session
Session 2
10AM-12PM PT

roxy manning 075Roxy Manning
The World Turned Upside Down: Elements of the Paradigm Shift Underlying Nonviolent Communication

NVC is a story about people, our interdependence, and what motivates us. In this session, Roxy will explore how NVC can be a catalyst for societal transformation, differentiate its narrative from the dominant cultural discourse, and uncover strategies to overcome connection barriers ingrained in prevailing power dynamics.

aya caspi 075Aya Caspi
Connecting Across Differences: Empowering Tools for Building Bridges

In this session we will use live situations to practice how to hear what is important to others, especially when we do not agree with them; express what matters to us in a way that helps others hear us, even when they don't agree; make clear requests and transition between listening and expressing to weave togetherness, even within divergence, and move the conversation forward. 

magdalena kosinska klaehn 075Magdalena Kosinska-Klaehn
The Art of Anger: Finding Your Voice! 

Anger is often seen as something we need to get rid of. Science however, shows us that the rage circuit is an important source of vital life energy that regulates our nervous system and helps us advocate for what is needed. Join Magdalena for this experiential session of exploration on how to express anger with care for your own and other people's needs. You’ll discover the jewels that are shining through anger and the light of its life giving force. 

Session 3
1-3PM PT

roxy manning 085Roxy Manning
Ask Me Anything!

Not sure how to apply NVC consciousness to a real life situation? Want to understand the nuanced difference between two NVC concepts? Bring your NVC related questions to this Q&A session - Roxy is ready!

This session is ideal for those who are new to Nonviolent Communication

morris ervin 075Morris H. Ervin Jr.
Reflections of a Troubled Black Man: Using Self-Empathy Practice to Turn Fear into Strength, and Pain into Passion

Morris will share how his journey as a troubled black man has evolved through self-empathy — he has learned to speak and live his truth. He has turned his profession into his calling, purpose, and lifestyle. And through his self-empathy practice he has learned to confront self-limitations, rage, and fear with compassion.  He will answer questions throughout this session. 

mary mackenzie 085Mary Mackenzie
Get Out of Survival Mode: Start to Thrive!

In this session you can expect to start thinking differently about what it means to feel good! Discover your personal limiting beliefs that are blocking your joy. Learn practical tools to increase your attention to what’s working, decrease your focus on what isn’t, and ultimately experience greater joy. 

Session 4
3:30-5:30 PM PT

sarah peyton 100 newSarah Peyton
Depression and NVC Neuroscience and Where to Apply Our Love

Sarah will delve into the neuroscience behind depression. You will gain insights into the mechanisms of depression and learn practical empathy exercises to address feelings of alarmed aloneness and hopelessness. 

eloisa ramos 075Ela Ramos
Self-Dialogue with the Inner Critic

In this session, Ela offers a deep dive into self-compassion, utilizing NVC and Internal Family Systems to transform how we interact with our inner critic. Through drawing, journaling, and group discussions, participants will learn to uncover the needs beneath self-judgments, fostering empathy for themselves and inviting a liberating shift towards a greater sense of freedom. 

lorraine aguilar 075Lorraine Aguilar
Workplace Microaggressions* 

In this session, participants will tackle the challenge of workplace microaggressions by engaging in a customized game of "Empathy Poker**" — a game designed to enhance understanding and empathy for those affected by these subtle but impactful acts of discrimination commonly experienced in the workplace.

This session will be delivered in a Train-the-Trainer format for people interested in offering NVC-based Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) workshops.

5:45-6:30PM PT | Harvest session

Sunday, January 28

9-9:30AM | Opening Session
Session 5
10AM-12PM PT

sarah peyton 100 newSarah Peyton
Healing Heartbreak and Loss with NVC

Delve into the neuroscience of heartbreak and loss with Sarah. Learn an empathetic pathway to healing and practical steps for emotional restoration through the compassionate framework of NVC.

morris ervin 075Morris H. Ervin. Jr
“A Call to Intention!” Integrate NVC and Mindfulness: Access Authenticity and Joy

Join Morris to explore an integration of NVC and Mindfulness as a way to access authenticity, joy and full self-expression. Expect an interactive, experiential journey where you will playfully create your intention that's big enough and clear enough to activate your life force and maximize your potential, while creating spaciousness in your nervous system. 

annabel lemetais 075Annabel Lemétais
How to Say “No” to Your boss

Learn how to use Nonviolent Communication at work to look after yourself and the relationship with your manager. Delve into setting boundaries with win-win conversations. Learn how to say “no” as a means to look after your stress levels, maximize efficiency, and invite connection. 

Session 6
1-3PM PT

julia shen 075Julia Shen
Mindful Interrupting: Fostering Connection Through Empathy and Honesty

Learn how to avoid the strain that interrupting can put on personal and professional relationships by joining this workshop. Join Julia to explore how to interrupt while maintaining an empathic and authentic connection with others.

lorraine aguilar 075Lorraine Aguilar
NVC Team Building 

This session will equip you to facilitate Empathy Poker — a "serious-play" game that helps teams develop their ability to listen to each other and appreciate each other across differences — so you can bring NVC-based team building to the workplace.

shoshama wheeler 100Shoshana Wheeler
Parenting with Compassion

In this session Shoshana will share tools for connecting compassionately with our children and ourselves. We will practice self-empathy, empathy for our child, staying in curiosity (rather than furiosity) and tools for setting limits with understanding and compassion. 

This session is ideal for those who are new to Nonviolent Communication

3:15-4:00PM PT | Harvest session



  • Everyone who registers will walk away with lifetime access to the recordings of all 18 trainer-led session recordings, daily opening sessions, 2 harvest recordings and every handout provided by each of the trainers. So you will have everything you need to immerse yourself in all the topics, as many times as you like.
  • Through the carefully considered variety of workshops and sessions, you will gain a deeper understanding of how NVC can be applied in everyday life.
  • The opportunity to learn from a wide variety of trainers, each bringing their own unique experiences to the playground. Some well-seasoned, some newer. It’s an opportunity to try out their teaching styles without committing to a full length course.

The specifics of what you will personally walk away with depend on which sessions you attend.

Overall we want to deliver the information you need to stay motivated in your Nonviolent Communication practice. We hope everyone comes away with some new insights for their own personal journey.





“I loved how much practice we got in each of the sessions. Thanks for the helpful intros to the sessions at the beginning of the day and for making all recordings accessible. There were so many that I wanted to attend, so I'm glad I can slowly catch up on the others. The empathic listener who took time with me in the community room was also an extra boost. Thanks!”

“I really learnt at all my sessions, the breakouts, the community room - awesome needs met for learning, growth, communication, connection and empathy.”

“I received greater clarity surrounding a limiting belief's impact on my life.”

“I attended 3 sessions this weekend and feel very fulfilled.”

“The schedule with zoom links and time zone link made navigating the conference wonderfully easy. Having the conference on zoom is so important to me because I would have great difficulty affording an in-person conference. The expertise of the trainers made learning and participating very easy.”

“The trainers were knowledgeable and skillful in their communications and practices.”



rodger sorrow 150

Rodger Sorrow

Rodger Sorrow stands as a pivotal figure in the field of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), accredited as a Certified Trainer with The Center for Nonviolent Communication since 2001, and one of the original Conference founders back when it first started as an in-person event in 2006.

His journey with NVC has been transformative, enabling him to express what is going on for him without criticism of others so he can communicate authentically and empathetically, fostering accountability, and enabling deeper connections to develop. 

Renowned for infusing humor and playfulness into education, Rodger's unique approach to learning, coupled with his compassion and commitment to personal growth, make him an ideal host for the conference for the 18th year running. His efforts to integrate NVC into various sectors, including education, rehabilitation, and community services, along with his availability for personalized coaching, highlight his dedication to spreading the tenets of NVC and ensuring its practical application in everyday life.

NVC Academy Logo 2023 240x81

As a guiding light for those embracing nonviolence and interdependence, the NVC Academy is dedicated to empowering diverse individuals from all cultures and backgrounds to live the life they want. 

They offer both live and pre-recorded, self-paced courses, plus an extensive Library stacked floor-to-ceiling with resources. Their offerings are carefully crafted to foster understanding and respectfully navigate conflicts, increase self-awareness, and help individuals through life’s everyday moments. They believe embracing our differences can make us stronger, together. 

Committed to inclusivity, sustainable connections and ensuring accessibility through scholarships, the NVC Academy has a passion for bringing the NVC Community together and collaborating with worldwide Trainers of Nonviolent Communication. 

They hope you’ll join them for the 2024 NVC Conference, and discover the difference Nonviolent Communication could make in your own life.

  • Video and audio recordings of every session
  • Forum discussion available in the classroom
  • Community Room. Open before, during and after each session
  • Opening and Harvest Sessions on Saturday and Sunday
  • Opportunity to immerse yourself in community and create lasting relationships

Registration Fees:

  • Supporting Others to Attend: $250 (Supports sustainability and increases accessibility)
  • Sustainability for our trainers, NVC Conference and NVC Academy: $150 (Supports the trainers and NVC Academy to continue offering courses)
  • Payment Plan: Make 2 payments of $75 if registered by January 26 
  • Increased Accessibility: $75 (Supports easier access, if additional discounts are needed please make your request here)

When you register, you will receive an email with complete instructions on how to access the NVC Conference.
Note that session recordings display images of active speakers only, and are made available to all registrants. 


The conference is complete. You can register to receive access to the recorded sessions.