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Rooms in the Same House – Interweaving NVC and Buddhism

Rooms in the Same House – Interweaving NVC and Buddhism
Skill Level:

All Skill Levels

Time Investment:

48 minutes

Date Published:


Find renewed aliveness and connection in your daily life through NVC and Buddhist Mindfulness practices. NVC can be lived as a Mindfulness Practice and consciousness that helps us be more present, open and loving to the flow of life within ourselves and in relation to others. Buddhist principles and practices supports our capacity to learn and live NVC in our daily lives. Explore how NVC helps bring to life Buddhist principles and values in relationship to ourselves and with others.

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This is the first session of Roberta's and Barbara's 6 session course recording, Rooms in the Same House – Interweaving NVC and Buddhism.

The course recording is available in its entirety through the NVC Library.

What You Can Expect:

  • Easier and steadier access to presence, awareness and self-connection in relationships and challenging situations
  • Illumination of basic Buddhist and NVC principles
  • A deeper understanding of how to live the Buddhist precepts of non-harming, mindful speech and deep listening
  • An introduction to useful tools for families and communities to create a culture of compassionate communication