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Looking at “Shoulds”

Looking at “Shoulds”

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22 minutes

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Using real-life examples from class participants, Sylvia Haskvitz demonstrates the life-changing results of clarifying the needs underlying "shoulds." Some of the situations covered in this audio are:

  • A grandmother shares how she was able to spend time with her grandchildren even when experiencing estrangement from her daughter
  • A father examines how to repair a conversation with his daughter
  • A woman explores her "should" thinking about her financial stability, her job and grief regarding her husband's death
  • A woman connects to her deeper needs that arise with the statement "I should do my taxes"
  • A woman perceives that she has conflicting needs for family harmony, relaxation and comfort when deciding whether to spend holiday time with stepchildren

If your life is fraught with "shoulds," this resource will support you in translating them into needs and, in some cases, to let them go entirely.

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