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Ceri Buckmaster, Jo McHale and Sarah Ludford

Ceri Buckmaster
Ceri Buckmaster is a Certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication, mediator and writer. She works in Sustainability and Community building with organizations, galleries, schools, community groups and individuals. Her work facilitates clear and transparent interpersonal communication, and the walking towards and holding of conflicts with presence and opening for transformation.

She is part of the Conflict Transformation Weave in the UK since 2016 and one of the facilitators on the Building Restorative systems series.  Her goal is to nurture into being supportive, aspiring communities through creative practice and nonviolence. 

Jo McHale
Jo McHale is a Certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication, mediator and relationship coach. She works with individuals, couples and groups to create trust and emotional safety, repair relationships and find ways forward that work for everyone involved. Like Ceri and Sarah, she has been part of the UK Conflict Transformation Weave since its inception, with the intention of bringing a restorative approach to conflict to as wide an audience as possible. She also runs online groups, attracting participants with backgrounds in coaching and business who appreciate the practical emphasis on bringing NVC consciousness and approach to bear on challenging situations.

Sarah Ludford
Sarah Ludford is a Certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication, a mediator, and an organizational coach. She brings NVC and Restorative processes to large organizations to encourage systemic shift.

She was a founder member of the NVC UK Conflict Transformation Weave, and draws on her lived experience of co-creating a restorative system in a large cohousing project in the North of England.

Ceri Buckmaster:  Visit www.ceribuckmaster.co.uk
Jo McHale: Visit www.jo-mchale.com
Sarah Ludford: Visit www.sarahludford.co.uk

  • Learn how to set up and maintain effective systems
  • Acquire tips for harnessing community buy-in and the energies of key people
  • Transform tension and anxiety into peaceful, life-enriching energy
  • Remain grounded and confident when facing any kind of conflict

Conflict is normal and natural and yet we are still often surprised by it and unprepared to deal with it. You will come away from this session with the tools for creating simple agreements with your group about what to do when conflict arises.

Here are five practical ideas from Ceri, Jo, and Sarah for creating simple agreements with any group you are working with when conflict arises!