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Building Restorative Systems for Transforming Conflict

MP4 Video Download

10 Sessions

20-22 hours

Recorded in 2021

PDF Handouts Included

MP4 Video Download
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Conflict is an inevitable part of life.

Just thinking about it can send your heart rate soaring, create tension throughout your body, and hijack your ability to think calmly and logically… But what if you could transform that energy into life-enriching systems? 

That's what you'll learn in this eye-opening course recording with Ceri Buckmaster, Sarah Ludford, and Jo McHale.

For the past several years, these trainers have been pursuing a joint dream: that every NVC community has embedded within it a restorative approach to responding to conflict. Their offerings have attracted interest from around the world, and they are now deeply excited to be able to offer their approach to you

During this course recording, you will learn about the importance of system building, including:

  • The set-up and maintenance of a system
  • How to harness the buy-in and energy of key people in a community
  • Developing a mindset that embraces conflict

You will also practice skills needed to:

  • Set up, support, and facilitate dialogue, mediations, and restorative circles
  • Stay grounded and calm in the presence of intense pain and hurt, anger, and disappointment
  • Guide people towards making agreements that will help restore broken relationships and much more.
About Ceri Buckmaster, Jo McHale and Sarah Ludford
Ceri Buckmaster, Jo McHale and Sarah Ludford

Ceri Buckmaster
Ceri Buckmaster is a Certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication, mediator and writer. She works in Sustainability and Community building with organizations, galleries, schools, community groups and individuals. Her work facilitates clear and transparent interpersonal communication, and the walking towards and holding of conflicts with presence and opening for transformation.

She is part of the Conflict Transformation Weave in the UK since 2016 and one of the facilitators on the Building Restorative systems series.  Her goal is to nurture into being supportive, aspiring communities through creative practice and nonviolence. 

Jo McHale
Jo McHale is a...