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How to Survive the Holidays: 6 Communication Tips

How to Survive the Holidays: 6 Communication Tips

Oren Jay Sofer

Skill Level:

Beginner Skill Level

Time Investment:

6 - 10 minutes

Date Published:

For many, spending time with relatives over the holidays may be challenging. In addition to the love and care we may feel, family gatherings can bring up old hurts or expose painful differences. How many family meals have been marred by tense silence or devolved into harsh argument?

For me, learning to find balance, authenticity and care in my conversations with family members was a key turning point in my communication practice. Instead of dreading the holiday meal, gritting your teeth and sweating it out, here are six tips for more meaningful, healthy conversations during the holidays.

This article was originally published on Oren's Website: https://www.orenjaysofer.com