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Jori Manske

Jori Manske working closely for over 38 years with her husband Jim, share the intentions to cooperate together in the great adventure of life, to openly and honestly share their deepest thoughts and feelings, and to honor and accept each other with ever-increasing ability. These intentions continue to frame not only their relationship with one another, but also all their relationships and work.

As co-creators of peaceworks, Jori and Jim offer training, mediation, facilitation, organizational development, consulting and mentoring. They have been working with a variety of businesses, community groups, government, NGO's, private groups and individuals since 1971. They each have certifications as Trainers, Mediators, and Facilitators, as well as certifications in Nonviolent Communication since 2003 and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and have degrees in Communication (Jim) and Social Work (Jori).

Jori served as Interim Director of CNVC from January 2006 until May 2007, on the CNVC Board of Directors for 3 years, as founding board member of Comienzos (a program for jail inmates and staff), and has served on the Advisory Committee for NVC Academy.  Jori and Jim co-authored The Matrix:  Pathways to Liberation, that has been translated into many languages and is part of the NVC certification assessment process. The remain eager to discover new ways of supporting leadership and compassion..  

Currently living in Haiku, Maui, Jori is on the Board of the Network for NVC, a a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, contributing to Hawaii NVC, and is a Director with NVC for the Next Generation, working with youth and those who support youth, to support our youth in becoming compassionate leaders.

Jori and Jim offer weekly practice groups and trainings in Hawaii, lead teleclasses including the free monthly Taste of Compassionate Leadership, and enjoy contributing to the growing NVC communities in Japan, Taiwan, China and the mainland of the US. They are also now part of a CNVC Certification team.

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