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In the Spotlight: Family

For the month of May, we shine the spotlight on family. When the pressure is on whether that is rushing out the door for the school run or getting them to bed on time, it can be easy to leave all your best practices to one side. Thankfully, NVC provides some useful tools to add to your metaphorical tool belt. 

Shantigarbha Warren offers some NVC Life Hacks on Compassionate Parenting and what to do when working from home clashes with home life. Eric Bowers shows how it takes a community to raise a relationship. 

Inbal Kashtan offers an introduction to using NVC in parenting while Miki Kashtan works with a woman whose teenage daughter rejects her use of NVC, guiding her in a process of self-awareness and acceptance. Rita Herzog explores the NVC alternative to family relationships: stay grounded in your own needs and values so you are able to reach out with empathy to family members.

Introductory Skill Level

Trainer Tip

1 - 2 minutes

Mourning, grief and celebration is a way to connect with what we love and want to honor.  In this trainer tip we learn that these three things can become a way for us to understand our emotions regarding our losses and appreciations.