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Giorgos Tsitsirigkos

CNVC Certified Trainer from Athens, Greece

CNVC Certified Trainer from Athens, Greece

Giorgos is a Greek trainer who likes to share parts of himself with others through the depth and honesty of Nonviolent Communication. He is the translator of Marshall's book "Nonviolent Communication: A language of life" into Greek and a supporter of an arising local community. His trainings include physical movement, dancing, and singing, while his objective is to support participants to integrate the spirit of NVC in their daily lives smoothly and in connection with the people around them. Giorgos enjoys facilitating conflict experiences and helps people manage conflict creatively through mediation and group processes. He is also interested in supporting men's work as well as exploring the ways NVC can help us experience our relationship with ourselves.

During this session, Giorgos will walk you through a series of short, meditative practices and exercises designed to help you practice noticing, experiencing, and bringing shame to light — transforming it from a burden to a playful fellow as well as a portal to self-knowledge and internal freedom. You'll discover how the deep power of human connectedness can dilute the fogginess of sensitive issues, bringing them higher into your consciousness, and enabling the flow of life to pass right through them!