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Easier and steadier access to presence, awareness and self-connection in relationships and challenging situations  Illumination of basic Buddhist and NVC principles  A deeper understanding of how to live the Buddhist precepts of non-harming, mindful speech and deep listening  An introduction to useful tools for families and communities to create a culture of Nonviolent Communication


Listen to each other in a safe space for connection, sharing and exploring how we all are doing in this situation Develop capacity to express and hear fears without judging, blame or shame Plant seeds of peace and reconciliation for a world where everyone’s needs are heard and valued Experience how deep listening and heart-to-heart sharing bridge divides


Barbara Bash and Roberta Wall

All Skill Levels


6 - 8 hours

Find renewed aliveness and connection in your daily life through NVC and Buddhist Mindfulness practices. In this 6 session course with Roberta Wall and Barbara Bash, you will explore how NVC helps bring to life Buddhist principles and values in relationship to yourself and others. And, you will discover how Buddhist practice deepens and supports your capacity to learn and live NVC in your daily life.