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Live NVC Courses: Yoram Mosenzon

Video Conference

12 hours (3 hours per session)

Understand the destructive dynamics that keep love from blossoming Learn how to deal with expectations, disappointments, and judgment Transform guilt, shame, and obligations into a flow of creativity Find out what tiny details are preventing natural love to flow!


Video Conference

18 hours (3 hours per session)

Discover how to figure out what you really want, then how to ask for it Learn how to make requests with ease and how to guess the requests of others Practice strategies for turning ‘demand energy’ into ‘request energy’ Be able to stand firmly for your needs and assertively ask for what you want


Welcome unpleasant feelings and meet their flow in and around the body Discover how you can enjoy Anger as a beautiful life force Realize insecurity and depression as a door to the core of your humanity Know how to use fear to firmly connect to your life and strength