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Live NVC Courses: Aya Caspi

  • Celebrate and nurture your relationship to the Earth — and each other! 
  • Explore your connections to family, partner, work, nature, self and more 
  • Discover new ways to grow in community and work together to make this world a better place  
  • Engage and immerse yourself in NVC while making new friends! 
With: 13 Trainers

Video Conference

36 session hours

  • Uncover the expansive possibilities of Nonviolent Communication in daily interactions
  • Engage with 13 global trainers on 18 unique topics
  • Connect with an international audience from novice to experts
  • Immerse yourself in a festival of learning, fun, and community
A theory of judgment is that it is how we make sense of life and quickly assess what is safe or not safe. However, this has somehow been translated into right/wrong thinking. In this video, Aya explores different kinds of judgments and examples of each.
Join Aya Caspi, a Certified NVC Trainer, as she delves into the difficult topic of parenting, childhood trauma, and social status. She discusses the generational impact of being labeled by society as "less than" or subservient. The wounds of childhood trauma can be healed so they no longer are a means of control by a dominant culture.

Aya Caspi, a Certified NVC Trainer discusses how the "story" we tell ourselves about human nature impacts our childhood and the roles we are taught to play in society.