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Live NVC Courses: Rodger Sorrow

Delve into the power of forgiveness with Rodger Sorrow! Listen in as Rodger explores 3 areas: asking for forgiveness, when it's hard to forgive, and forgiving ourselves.



45 minutes

Celebrate love with Rodger Sorrow! Listen in as Rodger discusses a range of topics such as defining love, religion and love, and how to handle unloving responses.



22 minutes

Rodger Sorrow introduces us to "Connection Time," a practice for you and a significant other to deepen, broaden and mend your relationship with each other.

With: 13 Trainers

Video Conference

36 session hours

  • Uncover the expansive possibilities of Nonviolent Communication in daily interactions
  • Engage with 13 global trainers on 18 unique topics
  • Connect with an international audience from novice to experts
  • Immerse yourself in a festival of learning, fun, and community

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