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Live NVC Courses: Miki Kashtan

Come in contact with the vision at the heart of NVC and discover what is yours to do within it Choose how far you want to commit to living and applying NVC everywhere you are Uncover the potential of NVC to materially support humans in realigning with life Take in what can happen when we actively engage in experimentation to integrate nonviolence into the fabric of human life


Explore what makes the capacity lens radical and practical Understand the complexities of how capacity and willingness interface Mourn capacity limits within and around us without jumping to conclusions Orient to agreements as behavioral anchoring in support of your commitments


Witness these two visionaries engage with love, openness, and curiosity Explore open questions and curiosities you have about NVC Help support the ongoing sustainability of NVC Academy Expand your thinking within NVC and its relevance to our times

With: Miki Kashtan

Video Conference

45 sessions (2 hours per session)

Discover what is yours to do in response to our global crises Weave nonviolence more deeply into how you live and lead Receive ongoing support in how to be effective and alive while pursuing your highest goals Increase your capacity to face and mourn current reality as a source of greater choice and energy Be a part of transforming the legacy of scarcity, separation, and powerlessness into a livable future


Learn concrete tools for engaging with others as you embrace individual and collective liberation Find your own source of choice even in the face of challenges Release the constriction of scarcity Find an empowered option to respond to what is happening in our world Open the door to the possibility of thriving rather than merely surviving